Commonwealth Home Support Programme

CHSP is a “Social Support Group” service provided by RAIN (Resourceful Australian Indian Network).

It is funded by the Australian Government.

What the Service Offers

The RAIN “Social Support Group” operates in the RAIN Community Centre at 501 Forest Road, Penshurst, NSW 2222 and provides activities to frail older people, designed to develop, maintain or support the capacity for independent living and social interaction, which are conducted in safe settings of our day centre.

RAIN Social Support Group includes social activities conducted by RAIN facilitators both in and out of the centre. These services involve a structured program and may include such activities as:

  • Music and art therapy
  • Gentle yoga and chair exercises
  • Outings and day trips
  • Provision of a meal and assistance with eating
  • Provision of transport to and from centre-based care
  • Communication with carers where appropriate

Social Outings

Our social outings on a fortnightly basis offer you enjoyment if you are becoming house bound and tired of watching television etc. They are
usually held on a Monday for Georges River consumers and on Tuesdays for Sutherland Shire consumers.

We pick you up from home and drop you home when the outing is over or make specific arrangements to meet in one place.

How does this help carers?

Carers, are able to receive a break from their usual caring responsibilities. Services Provided By RAIN Facilitators look after the needs of the consumers during the outings to make sure they are safe.

  • Register for CHSP with My Aged Care
  • Call MY AGED CARE on 1800200 422
  • The phone conversation may take more than ten minutes.
  • You will be asked questions over the phone to help work out your needs and care arrangements.
  • Have your Medicare card handy.
  • You will be asked your full name, address, contact details and your Carer’s and GP’s contact details.

If you wish for your chosen representative to call MY AGED CARE, you need to give them your consent while on the phone. We can guide and assist you with referrals. Face to Face Assessment once you register with My Aged Care, they will arrange for a trained assessor to come to your home. With your consent they will assess your care needs and eligibility for services. If you are eligible, they will work with you to develop a support plan to address your needs, goals and preferences.

Other Support Services

Centre-based Day Respite

  • This is a two years’ growth funding project funded by Australian Federal Government. Seniors needing respite care are picked up from their homes and provided support and activities at RAIN seniors centre at  501 Forest Rd, Penshurst , NSW 2222.
  • Activities such as chair yoga, gentle stretching exercises, Indian musical rounds, and discussions on favourite topics are conducted.  Seniors are encouraged to discuss family celebrations which are recorded by facilitators to be published as a booklet at the end of two years.
  • Respite Group meets on Wednesdays.

CHSP Covid-19 Meals

  • Indian Vegetarian meals are cooked fresh at our Community Kitchen and delivered to the homes of senior members who are isolated due to Covid-19 public health restrictions.
  • Funded by Covid-19 emergency meals funding of the Australian Federal Government, we have successfully delivered meals to the frail aged in the community who desperately need this support as they are unable to prepare meals for themselves.

Empowering and supporting local Communities project 

  • Funded by Multicultural NSW, we support vulnerable Indian Sub-Continent seniors, their carers and families, new migrants and refugees with community engagement, health communication and health messages. Activity booklets are distributed with relevant information to safe-guard the vulnerable population and help them stay safe and healthy.
  • Community led communications in the language of the seniors will be conducted by the volunteers which will help seniors understand the changing instructions and the need for being fully vaccinated. Those who are with financial difficulties will be provided with food hampers and protective equipment provisions up to Feb 2022

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